Shanghai Butterfly Import & Export Co., Ltd.

Belongs to the Shang Gong Group Co., Ltd., formerly known as the international trade department of Shanghai Xie Chang Co., Ltd. In August 1988 approved by theministry of foreign trade, Shanghai Xie Chang Co., Ltd. and Shanghai light industry international (Group) company invested jointly to establish the company on August 8, 1998. The company was officially opened on January 1,1999.

Shanghai Butterfly Import and Export Co., Ltd., operates and agents all kinds of import and export business of goods and technology. At present, the company mainly exports Butterfly sewing machines, is the exclusive export agency of Butterfly sewing machines. Butterfly brand is the national famous trademark, owns household sewing machines,industrial sewing machines, computer embroidery machines and other products and enjoys higher reputation in the international market, has trademark registration in more than eighty countries and regions in the world, its products are exported to more than 120 countries and regions. In addition to the export of Butterfly sewing machines, the company further expands exports products to implement the diversification of export products.

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