Shang Gong Group Co., Ltd. Shanghai Butterfly Sewing Machine Branch (formerly known as Shanghai Shanggong Butterfly Sewing Machine Co., Ltd.) is a wholly owned subsidiary of ShangGong Group reorganized on the basis of former Shanghai Shanggong Sewing Machine Co., Ltd., Shanghai Shanggong Import and Export Co., Ltd., Shanghai Shanggong Jia Yuan Electrical and Mechanical Technology Co., Ltd., Shanggong Group Household Sewing Machine Company, Shanghai Butterfly Import and Export Company and other enterprises. The company's registered capital is RMB 79,000,000. The company engages in R&D, production, sale and after-sale service of industrial sewing machine, household sewing machine brand of products. The annual sales turnover is about RMB 450 million. The company competes in the multi-function household sewing market with its brand, price advantage, quality advantage.

In recent years, the company implemented the ISO9001 quality management system to improve the quality of management, providing a stable and high quality industrial, home sewing machine brands for the market. Shanggong has been awarded the Shanghai Famous Brand Product, China Famous Trademark, China Famous Brand. Major export products through the EU CE certification, excellent quality, good reputation, by the trust of customers, selling products in more than 80 countries.

As the first listed industrial sewing machine manufacturer - Shanggong Group's main entities, after the reorganization, Shanggong butterfly will be the new face of SG based on industry and sustainable development, with a new attitude to meet the challenges, so that the old brand glow vitality. Particular type of assets through a type of asset and non-integration of the characteristics of Shanggong butterfly is a "new". Product development capabilities, production capacity, marketing capacity compared with the old SG to produce a qualitative leap. The new company has strong backing to do listed companies and has a century-old German Duerkopp Adler company's technical support, Integration and Sharing of appropriate resources, technological transformation of the conventional DA based on the product line, "SG" brand industrial sewing machines and improve the quality of products. At the same time, "customer satisfaction" concept, doing manual butterfly marketing network and after-sales service system was reformed and enhance both our goal is to stage a fight the butterflies close to customer demand, a truly customer-centric entity.

The subsidiary company Shanghai Butterfly Import and Export Co., Ltd based on the overseas sales channels in the original, also strive to open up Vietnam , North Africa and South America markets, actively capture business opportunities, make Shanggong brand products achieve steady growth in foreign trade business. Since the company set synchronization of production and sales growth, highlighted the increasingly dominant. Import and Export Co., Ltd. Shanghai Butterfly, Butterfly brand sewing machines mainly export oriented, is the exclusive Butterfly sewing machine export agent. Butterfly is a national well-known trademark, the butterfly brand with household and industrial sewing machines, embroidery machines and other products in the international market and enjoy high reputation in the world, the trademark was registered in more than eighty countries and regions, products are exported to more than 120 countries and regions.

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