As China's earliest large-scale enterprise engaging in specialized production and operation of industrial sewing equipment, the first listed company issuing A and B shares in the sewing machine industry, the first batch of companies that respond to the national going-out strategy to implement transnational M&A, ShangGong Group has experienced 50 years of trials and hardships. When looking back and looking to the future, ShangGong cherishes the dream in the heart that never given up and continues the road to glory.


After M&A of DA AG in 2005, the leader in global sewing industry, the Company explored globalization management strategy and achieved much experience and harvest. Facing  the great impact of global financial crisis in 2008, ShangGong treated the crisis with detachment tolerance, and accumulated experience in the crisis. So when the economy stabilized and rebounded in the industry, ShangGong first went out and turned  profit. In 2013, ShangGong again M&A PFAFF Industrial, the Europe's second-largest sewing equipment manufacturer, as well as KSL, the world's leading company in industrial sewing automation application area, rapidly obtained the world's leading sewing technology, including 3D sewing technology, strengthening the Company’s leading status in the field of automatic sewing technology in the world, and becoming the top three company in production and sales in sewing machine industry in the world, which laid a good foundation for catching up with the world's largest company.

Practice tells us that the enterprise cannot just think of the way to "go out". What is more important is to have the ability to "go up". Transnational M&A is just a way, the ultimate goal is to promote globle business integration and industrial upgrading, and improve enterprise core competitive ability.

Adhere to the road " Leading by science and technology, Developing by innovation", I and my colleagues will, as always, keep improving, engaging in building high-end sewing brands.